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2022 Conference Presentations

This space is allocated to showcase the presentations of past  BRICS conference presentations. Feel free to browse through the speakers and their presentations.

Have a look at the past conference recording and catch up what you missed out on!

Prof David.png


Prof David Wen

Zhejiang University International Business School

CBDC's Role in World Trade


Dr Yuwen Dai 

Zhejiang University International Business School

BRICS Business Cycle Synchronisation & Multilateral Trade Integration in BRICS

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Prof Inna.png


Prof Irina Yargina

Russian National Committee on BRICS Research BRICS Digital Currency: Problems & Challenges


Prof Ronney Ncwadi

Nelson Mandela University

The Impact of Exchange Rate Volatility on BRICS Trade

Prof Ronney.png
Prof Herbst.jpg


Prof Herbert Poenisch

Zhejiang University's Academy of Internet Finance

Technical Aspects for Use of CBDC for Cross Border Payment


Mr Krish Chetty

Human Sciences Research Council

Inclusive Economic Development Principles for Integrating Central Bank Digital Currencies in BRICS

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